Bruce Poulter, Advanced Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner

Bruce Poulter provides Rolf Structural Integration services in Boulder, Colorado to people of all ages, conditions, levels and abilities (and has for 19+ years).  He works with athletes and performers, children and adults who are “differently-abled”, people in shape or out of shape, people with psychological issues, people in pain, pregnant women, and people wanting to improve their posture – really anyone who wants support to change.

Bruce also started and managed a comprehensive nurse midwife perinatal program, and ran for the US Senate in Colorado in 2000. He is also a great, generous teacher who mentored me (Eric) during my physical struggles and was my inspiration for inventing the Deep Recovery tools!

Very fortunately for me, he also found them useful. In his words:

" The Deep Recovery tools precisely reduces pain in the specific area in trouble.  It’s more precise than a foam roller or most other devices – it allows for specific pressure on the part of my body that is hurting.

This tool will save you money over time, allowing you to correct issues when they arise – not when your therapist has time. I especially like the way I’m able to work the erector spinae group and the specificity that I get to change the exact area in trouble. Between the various devices I’m also able to find the right fit for my body.

Depending on how hard I am using my body, I’ll be using the Deep Recovery tools from every day to weekly.

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