Getting started

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A couple of suggestions for where to go from here:

Watch the videos and I’m sure you’ll find new techniques for using massage balls you hadn’t thought of, and I especially want you to see how to use them safely.

No issue is too big or too small, so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me right away! My goal is a five-star experience for you.

Here’s a tip – many people find it feels good to loosen up their shoulders or lower back with massage balls in a way they’ve never experienced before and they spend too much time on it, the first day or two. If you’re uncomfortably sore the next day, wait a couple days and start over, spending half as much time or using softer massage balls.

Also, try not to work an isolated part of your body by itself. For example if your trapezius muscles are tight, work them, but do the rest of the back and your neck also because your body is a system. You’ll get much better results when you also work on all the other parts that are attached to your trouble spots.

Eric (Inventor/Owner)

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