How often I should use the Body Track on the same body part?
I wish I could give a simple rule of thumb for how often, but it isn’t really possible because everyone is different and even every situation or body part is different for you. The best answer I can give is that as long as you are not feeling worse from one day to the next, you aren’t overdoing it. Someone with spasms in their back after a disc injury or muscle pull might use the Body Track once every hour for example. But someone else with long-term chronic tightness might find once a day is ideal, or it could be twice a day. Unfortunately, trial and error is really the only way to know what your body wants!

Will your tools help with Sciatica? How about a slipped disc or spinal stenosis?
When you experience pain your body responds with healing measures and this includes tightening of the muscles surrounding the pain. In theory this could be designed to protect your injury. Some interesting examples I can give from my own experience include migraines and gastritis. There’s really no value in having tight facial and abdominal muscles accompany these diseases. And in fact, the tightening of surrounding muscles, increases one suffering in a vicious cycle.  You may find the same thing occuring with sciatica or a slipped disc – surrounding tissues tighten involuntarily (sometimes spasming) which aggravates your situation significantly. Deep tissue massage is a great way to break the cycle, give yourself a little relief and loosen up the area of your injury permitting it to heal faster. Please please do not apply pressure to the injury or inflamed nerves directly. And, of course consult your physician or physical therapist first!

Should I roll and stretch?
I find rolling and stretching complement each other well and when I’m being good, I’ll do 5 to 10 minutes of yoga stretches in addition to my standard rolling. But if pressed for time, I will always roll instead of stretching.

There are exceptions to that however. For example, I stretch my fingers every evening for about 20 minutes. I could massage them instead, but I find the stretching is easier and pretty effective. Sometimes when I push myself too hard during the day, I’m forced to do the massage instead of stretching. So, in the end, what I’m saying is that everybody part is different and with time you’ll get to know what works best for each or what combination of stretching and rolling.

Just received my massage tools and they have a strong plastic smell, is there anything I can do about that?
Yes – the smell will take months to fade unless you put everything out in the sun. That’s what we do with our own personal tools. We leave them out in the sun and the rain until they don’t smell anymore. That happens pretty fast during the intense summer heat in Colorado and could be anywhere from a few days to a week and a half.  The colors will fade a bit but no physical harm will be done to the tools.

What are your massage balls and tracks made of?
Our tracks are made from polyurethane foam configured in a couple of ways to maximize grip. One of those ways is to leave out the traditional painting that most polyurethane foam gets after it is removed from the mold. Because our tracks and balls are not painted, the color is not uniform and you’ll see some color swirls. They may not look shiny and new, but please know we never sell used products – only brand spanking new goods. Our yellow XFIRM and orange SPORT massage balls are made from natural non-toxic rubber. If you have a latex allergy, please check with your doctor first before using these.

Which massage balls should I use?
Begin with a soft set and gradually work your way up to firmer balls over a period of days or weeks as your body permits. Remember, your fascia wants to be romanced, not roughed up. On the other hand, if you have already been using tennis or lacrosse balls, you’ll probably want to begin with a firmer set (our yellow, gray, orange or green) if you have not experienced any problems. We’ve put together a comprehensive massage ball guide here if you wish to read more on how to choose massage balls.

What is the best way to massage between the neck and shoulder?
With neck issues it’s very helpful to work the traps and paraspinals at the top of your back. Well, actually it’s good to work your whole back because everything is connected! Larger, softball-size massage balls are optimal as a smaller set may be too small for the traps. When you use the Neck Track, you can try lifting your head and then turning it and setting it back down. You can also use the bottom of the Neck Track with its wider spacing to work more fully the side of your neck.

How long should I work on the back and neck when I first start?
You could easily spend 45 minutes on your back alone and if you have the time, that’s worth doing when you first start. This is really helpful and you won’t be overdoing it because you’re just covering a lot of territory rather than working one spot over and over again. 
In a few days or a week or however long it takes you to feel looser, then you can start shortening your routine. Try to work both the neck and the back every day at first. Working isolated parts of the body can be counterproductive. On the one occasion that I did this, working a very specific isolated trouble-spot in my back and nowhere else, it felt great for 10 or 15 minutes but my pain came back stronger than before a few hours later.
If you’re like me, you’ll find that you only work your neck occasionally when the need arises in the long run. But everyone is different and we have customers who use the Neck Track every day and don’t seem to need the Body Track. On the other hand, maybe these customers wouldn’t need the Neck Track if they spent a week or two thoroughly releasing the back.


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