Press kit

What is it?

Deep Recovery offers patent pending tools for doing deep tissue massage, either guided by a therapist or for self-care after instruction. The Body Track and Neck Track are both designed to position massage balls bilaterally, for example targeting the paraspinals. The tools accommodate ordinary tennis balls, lacrosse balls or baseballs but can also be purchased with a specially designed massage ball set of varying hardnesses.

How is it used?

The Deep Recovery tools are designed to function using gravity for comfort and power. The user rolls the tissue structure on top of the massage balls applying body weight, similar to the way you would use a foam roller. It’s very helpful to have a physical therapist guide the user initially to explain pressures, hold times and trigger point release.

What are the features?

Both the Body Track and Neck Track are soft polyurethane and pliable to avoid injury and designed to offer variable positioning. The Body Track has four tracks with two different spacings so that massage balls can be positioned very close to each other, a finger width apart or with one or two empty tracks in between them.

The variable spacing makes the body track especially useful for working the back, gluteus and hips, but can be used for much more. The Neck Track has close tracks on the top and a wider position on the bottom (to allow for targeting of the side of the neck or the jaw). The Neck Track’s height allows the user to comfortably release the suboccipital muscles but also can be used to target the psoas, gluteus and upper hamstring area.

What makes these tools unique?

  • ability to customize the pressure easily by changing massage balls
  • great versatility created by a variety of ball spacing options
  • dual angles of pressure created by the track wall support
  • great simplicity


Who is Deep Recovery?

Deep Recovery is the creation of Eric Jeffrey in Boulder Colorado and offered through Health Savvy LLC currently launching on Kickstarter. Eric can be reached at: