About me

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. I learned this firsthand as a sufferer of heavy metal poisoning, which, among other “nuisances,” causes tightness in the muscles and connective tissues.

Any repetitive motion like walking or typing gives me tendinitis, and before inventing the Deep Recovery tools, I would sometimes pull a muscle just getting out of bed in the morning. I lived with pain for 15 years before I finally became desperate during the spring of 2012.

I had pulled a muscle in my lower back, and normally, I heal in a few days, but this time, three weeks went by and I was getting worse. My normal routine for dealing with a muscle pull (foam rolling and gentle yoga) wasn’t working and my back pain was interfering with my work, so I went in for a couple rolfing sessions a month later.

Rolfing is a type of bodywork which I had found helpful in the past. And while the first two rolfing sessions were useful, especially in identifying the culprit muscle (quadratus lumborum) and the specific therapy that would heal me, I had already spent $250 and was still having difficulty driving and sitting in an office chair.

I felt certain another ten Rolfing sessions focusing on the inflamed muscles and the surrounding areas would heal me completely, but I didn’t have the money for it. I knew daily massage would also provide healing (I mean, if it works for professional athletes, it would work for me, too, right?), but again, financially, that was out of reach.

That’s when the idea for Deep Recovery came to me–when I absolutely needed an immediate, cost-effective way to heal.

I’ve used the system almost every day since I invented it, and have not pulled a muscle since. Occasionally I’ll feel tightness somewhere but after rolling with the Deep Recovery, it’s gone!

I spent two years developing our deep tissue massage tools, gathering feedback from experts, and launching a Kickstarter project (click to play video on left). The response from around the world has been very exciting and today my tools are in 34 countries.

As you probably know, having a massage therapist work on you can do wonders, but there’s a lot to be said for scratching the itch right away—not next Tuesday at 1 PM.

And, what I’ve discovered is that giving yourself therapy early, when you first feel tightness, prevents a muscle pull from happening in the first place.

My body has been the ideal sandbox from which to develop world-class massage tools (and techniques). When I think about all the people who have told me they’re using my tools every day, I feel blessed. I love helping people heal and getting the best performance their bodies are capable of delivering!