Dr. Lara Johnson, PT, DPT, MS

Dr. Lara Johnson runs High Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. She’s also an athlete having run collegiate track, postgrad indoor track and is still running fast. She’s a long time user of lacrosse balls and was one of Massage Track’s first fans. In her words:

" The Deep Recovery tools changed the way I was doing deep tissue work on myself – previously I was mostly using a combination of tools on the floor including foam roller, lacrosse balls and baseballs, so the Deep Recovery allowed me to do something similar but in a more specific and effective way.

What I like most about the tools are the angles of pressure you get which you just can’t do with the balls alone on the floor. Using the balls with the Deep Recovery, allows you to apply pressure from more than one angle simultaneously, which you can’t do on top of the ball by itself on the floor, because it will roll away.

I’d use these tools daily if possible – even 5 or 10 minutes a day on those areas that need it most, I found extremely helpful especially with my running.

I do recommend it to my patients, especially those who need some deep tissue work and ongoing soft tissue mobilization.

The videos are extremely helpful – I think they’re great in encouraging not just rolling, but working methodically through tissues and holding an area for a length of time. That’s one of the most effective methods I’ve found clinically when I’m working on someone else. This is a way for you to do that at home.

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