Foothills Trail time-lapse – don’t ever let me take it for granted

For months, I was too sick to walk more than a block when I first moved to Colorado. Staring out the window from my bed, I could see the Foothills Trail in the distance. I ached to go walk it. A few months later, I made it a few hundred yards down the trail with my family and nearly cried at the beauty of it.  It was my first time on that trail and I vowed then never to let that feeling of amazement fade.

This is an extraordinary stretch of trail with so many different faces depending on where the sun is, whether the paragliders, model RC gliders are soaring above, or whether the coyotes,  prairie dogs or snow are doing their thing.

Later, when I invented the Body Track, getting back on this trail was one of my top rewards!

This was shot with a Canon Rebel T3i (in aperture priority mode at F6.3) between 5 PM and 6:20 PM on Thursday at one second intervals using an iPhone as intervalometer with help from DSLRBot‘s app and infrared transmitter. Defickered by GB Deflicker and stitched together by Vegas Pro.

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