Mohini Nicole Summers, LMT

Mohini has been practicing deep tissue massage for 10+ years, most recently in Boulder, Colorado. She’s a graduate of the Harmony Path School of Massage Therapy in Ohio where she owned and operated a successful business offering medical massage therapy with a specialization in non-ambulatory and spinal cord injury.

With training in deep tissue and sports massage including myofascial release and attachment therapy, her experience in pain management and accident recovery is comprehensive. Here’s what she has to say about the Massage Track tools:

" To really do the kind of work I do, I probably need massage every day! I’ve been practicing massage for 10 years . . . The foam roller is good .  .  . but to do muscle release I found that I’m going to use PVC pipe or actually a lacrosse ball is the best for me.

What I like about the Deep Recovery is that it holds the balls and is bilateral. With the Massage Track I can get a lot more therapy done on myself in a shorter amount of time – it works on both sides of the body in a symmetrical fashion, the balls are easily controlled so it prevents injury and also you can be very specific with where you want to employ certain therapies.

It can be used for different tissue throughout the body. I love it I think it’s great. I like that it’s affordable because even a massage therapist does not have thousands of dollars to spend on massage!

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