Noel Phillips, Yoga Instructor and PT

Noel Phillips is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor originally from Montana. She’s an active fitness blogger too and a talented writer. Before discovering the Deep Recovery tools, Noel used tennis ball massage to supplement sports massages (when she could afford them). We spoke with her about tennis balls for massage, massage pain and how she uses the Deep Recovery tools.

We talked a little about the fact that Deep Recovery tools aren’t for everyone, and typically  it’s a really good sign when someone tells me they like lacrosse or tennis balls for massage, because it means you’re use to trading off a little bit of temporary, shall we say “soreness” for increased mobility and healing.

Noel mentioned that if your favorite is Swedish massage, the Deep Recovery tools might not be a good fit for you. Noel’s ‘favorite’ trouble spots are the rotator cuffs, hips, glutes and feet. Have a listen


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