Patent pending!

We are now patent pending!  I applied for patents covering six different massage tools, four of which I have built and use myself.  There are two others that are just ideas now but very good ones, nonetheless. The process of applying for a patent was long, but very interesting and I’d even say fun. Thanks to my EO friends for  recommending I pursue a patent.

It helps to be good mechanically,  a good writer,  good with CAD software and Photoshop. I have a lot of respect for what patent attorneys do.  It’s not a simple job.  I used the book titled Patent It Yourself by David Pressman  and had a local patent attorney review before submitting.

A couple weeks ago I learned that the patent office was migrating to a new system on March 16, 2013 whereby patents will be awarded based on a ‘first to file‘ basis. The old system of ‘first to invent’ will be shelved so I rushed to finish before the deadline because my inventions took shape in May of 2012 and I wanted to get credit for that earlier date.

Still, I’m not sure exactly how that occurs because nowhere in the application does an inventor specify the invention date. I suppose that only comes to light in the event of some legal action and requires evidence in the form of the invention diary.

Next up – foreign patents.

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