Reviews from Kickstarter backers

A few of the early Kickstarter reviews/comments you’ll see below brought tears to my eyes… I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how my backers would receive their massage tools after more than two years of effort, so you can imagine my feelings when I read these comments.

It reminded me a little of watching my wife give birth to our girls – there is so much tension in the air and then a beautiful, miraculous release. Hard to describe… a big heartfelt thanks to the authors of these reviews, I appreciate the time you took to write them so much!!

Hi Eric, Maaan! This is the best thing ever! Thanks for this invention. I’m never going to be at a loss as to how I can get a deep tissue massage anymore as this thing replaces massage appointments, unavailability, variable quality/service. It’s so lightweight it goes with me everywhere I travel. I thank you so much!

Jack Chen | Kickstarter backer

Both of these Tracks are very effective . . . I use them daily and as a disabled Veteran, I really enjoy using them as I can focus on what needs to be done with confidence that I will be safe. With multiple TBI’s and a surgical neck resection, I have to be very careful, and this product is a Godsend . . . allows my cervical and lumbar vertebrae to relax. Different balls for the Track allows application and massage to be done as required with no concerns about injury. Being able to relieve my disk problems and release tension while in control of the Track, allows me to concentrate on the massage, without fear.

Steve T. | Kickstarter backer

I love my wife’s Deep Recovery! It’s the best gift I’ve ever given her :). This morning my lower back was stiff and kind of painfully locked up because of tight and sore gluts from hiking two days ago. After 15 minutes of work with the Deep Recovery my back has about 90% range of motion back, and there is no more pain and or stiffness. Previously I would do the work on my hips and gluts with a foam roller. The massage track is at least 10 times more effective, not to mention easier to use. Super grateful to you Eric for pushing through the immense challenges, fears, and risks and making the Massage Track a reality. Oh yeah, and my wife loves it too of course 🙂

Aaron Kennard | CEO – Truly Amazing Life Inc. & Kickstarter backer

Hi got my Deep Recovery from Kickstarter and gotta say WOW the Deep Recovery is amazing great for home use after a workout – I have been using it a lot!

Bob K. | Kickstarter backer

I received mine and I’m just starting to use it. I think it’s going to be a big hit. My main problem is trying to use it and not have a cat decide I want to play since I’m on the ground. Not much room to avoid them in my studio apartment. I can’t wait for the store to be up and running, I’d like to get another set of balls so I can do the arm exercises that you demonstrate on the DVD that require 4 balls.

Amanda Helstrom-White | Kickstarter backer

Great DVD and one powerful tool!

Peter Watts | Kickstarter backer

I received my massage track today. I like the bag to keep the tracks and balls all together, very nice. The quality seems pretty good, very durable…can’t imagine it wearing out any time soon. I’ve been having a morton’s neuroma thing going on in my foot. I spent about 20 minutes rolling both my left and right foot tonight, in-line with the directions on Eric Jeffrey’s website. There is sure is some tightness in the foot with the neuroma. After the rolling session my metatarsals felt more spread out and the entire foot just planted to the ground so much more evenly. Thank you for creating the massage track!

Kyle Sziraki | Kickstarter backer

I love the massage tracks! They truly have been a life saver for me!

Mabel Escobedo | Kickstarter backer

Got mine! Everything looks and feels great. I was very impressed by the quality. I’ll definitely be recommending these to friends and family. (If I could afford it, I’d be buying these as holiday gifts for everyone.) Thanks for all your hard work Eric!

Bad Monkey Productions | Kickstarter backer

It arrived! It looks and feels awesome. Definitely worth the wait!

Zylont | Kickstarter backer

Arrived here as well – got to use it on back and it was just as good as I was hoping! Looking forward to trying all my sore spots over time… Thanks so much! 🙂

Jen | Kickstarter backer

just got my track and balls today and I must say I LOVE it! I have backed alot of projects on kickstarter and this has to be my top favorite!

Ted Vu | Kickstarter backer

I received my Massage Trac about 2 weeks ago! What a wonderful creation!! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will be watching for any more Kickstarter projects you might have. Your #1 in my book!

Kathy Francke | Kickstarter backer

Thank you soo so much! it’s awesome by the way. Rolling out a shoulder injury, recent shoulder injury so it’s amazing! Just have to keep the balls away from the dogs haha! Again thanks!!

Calla W. | Kickstarter backer

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