The Active Times – Gear Review

The Active Times was the first and only publication to receive a prototype kit during our Kickstarter project — we ran out of samples just as we were launching on Kickstarter! But fortunately, Katie Rosenbrock, the author of this review, is training for a marathon and gave our tools a proper workout. Here’s a sample of her review:

" To my surprise, the Deep Recovery turned out to be exceptionally helpful in turning the tennis ball technique into a seriously effective massage solution.

Just like a standard foam roller, you can use it to massage just about any part of your body; upper and lower back, IT band, glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest and shoulders.

What’s more, the Deep Recovery makes it easy to massage your forearms, wrists and shins, all areas that aren’t really accessible with any other massage tool I’ve tried. When I followed the instructions for targeting the shins for the first time, I was shocked…

Please visit The Active Times for the full Massage Track review.

And thank you Katie!! May you set a personal record on race day:)

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