We reached our Kickstarter goal on day 24!

YES, WE DID IT!!!!!!!

You’re the best backers a guy could ask for! We reached our funding goal on Thursday so you’ve turned this dream into a REALITY. I put on this song and did a little happy dance in your honor. Below I’ve copied some of the private messages you sent me so you can get a taste for the enthusiasm around our project.

I want you to know too that our tools are not just great for athletes —  there are many people suffering from chronic pain from war wounds, automobile accidents and even just middle age who are going to benefit.

How can you help?  Please ‘like’ and share this important story because the medical establishment never will!

What about stretch goals? We reached our first stretch goal and will be including a mesh bag with your tools to allow you to stash them away with the balls.  And, if we get to $75,000 we will make a travel roller available at a low additional cost.  The travel roller makes using the body track more comfortable and allows you to watch TV while you’re using it..

Finally, here are just a few of the comments we’ve received:

" My problem is that I am putting holes and dents into our walls with my lacrosse balls, and needed a better solution. I have been banished to the basement and its cement walls for now. I hope you get the backing you need to make it a success!  I will pass on this info to anyone I think would benefit from it. The problem is, when you meet someone that is clearly suffering from trigger points, and you try to explain that rolling a hard ball on it would help, you get met with skepticism.


What a needed invention. I use a lacrosse ball but it’s never quite right.


As part of my rehab from one of my Cancers, because of all the work/radiation/surgery my entire spine is a area we work on and can never stop…  I use two tennis balls in a sock as she has instructed me and other Veterans with spinal issues to keep us going as much as possible. I see your device as a way to help in one of the big areas of concern, home unsupervised use, a wrong move and we can do serious damage. I don’t have to tell you how your device can potentially increase our Vets safety if we used a device such as yours.


Awesome product. I am DEFINITELY in – you are my first KickStarter contribution! I am very excited and simply cannot WAIT to get one. 🙂 Great job. I hope it makes you a bundle and goes viral…but even if it doesn’t you can rest assured you’ll have helped many of us free ourselves from pain.  I will pray for God to bless your efforts and for you to reach your kickstarting goal…

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